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Convert Decimal to Percent

Converting decimals to percents can be conducted using the formula % = decimal x 100.

For example, 1.1 as a percent = 110% (read as “hundred and ten percent”).

You obtain the same result by moving the decimal point two places to the right. If your number is an integer, such as 2, simply add two zeros and add the percentage sign: 2 → 200 %.

This is the same as making use of the formula.

Because a percentage denotes a ratio or a number expressed as a fraction of 100, any decimal to % conversion is equal to [%] / 100.

To stick with the above example, 110 % / 100 = 1.1.

How to Write Percent

To indicate a percentage use the percent sign (%), particularly when there are space restrictions in a text, or when using a table.

In these cases, the percent abbreviations pc, pct and pct. may be used in place of %.

The percent abbreviation per cent., using a period, is rather obsolete. The same goes for per centum.

Whether or not writing the number and percent sign with a space between them depends on the language and country.

In English, the rule is no spacing, yet both, the International System of Units as well as the International Organization for Standardization, stipulate a space between the number and percent sign.

On the other hand, in a running text, such as this sentence, percent is spelled out: percent is prevalent in US English and per cent is the rule in British usage.

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Decimal to Percent Calculator

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Decimal to Percentage Calculator

In this section we discuss the calculation of a decimal as a percentage of a given number.

For example, assumed you have 3.5 and you want to know how many percent of 70 is 3.5.

The number x is what percentage of y?

You divide the number x by y, then multiply the result by 100. Then add the % symbol.

For example: 3.5/70 x 100% = 5%

For this kind of decimal to percentage calculation it is recommended that you use our converter right below:



Converting Decimals to Percents

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To convert a decimal to a percent, multiply the number by 100, next add the % symbol.

Multiplying a decimal by 100 is equivalent to moving the decimal point 2 places to the right.

Make sure to always add the percent symbol, “percent” or a percent abbreviation.

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